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Welcome to A Land of Pets

your go-to shop for animals and animal supplies!

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Purchase our aquatic plants online!

we have quality-ready aquatic plants able to ship out!

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Aquarium Lily


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Fish for sale!

Call to see if there is any specific fish you are looking for. New fish every week!

Snowball Pleco

Algae Eaters

Ranging from small otto cats to big plecos


Agressive Fish

Flowerhorns, oscars, african cichlids and many more!



albino, platinum, black, and tri color Angelfish in stock regularly


Community fish

Mollys and platys available for all community fish tanks.



Tetras of all variations for sale! perfect for peaceful tanks



Huge selection of Goldfish in stock!


betta Fish

come check out both locations to see a wide variety of betta fish we have in stock. perfect for newcomer fish owners

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Live birds for sale!

Check in to see our extensive selection of live birds ranging from parakeets to conures and many more!

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extremely friendly and one of the most beautiful birds in the pet industry!



ranging from blue to white and many more colors!



canaries love to sing and extremely social in pairs. breeding pretty often they always come in different colors.

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Small Animals for Sale!

What We Have in Store

We have a wide selection of small animals ranging from small hamsters and gerbils to big rabbits and ferrets. Come see what we have in stock!

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We have a wide variety of rabbits available weekly. extremely friendly and awaiting their new homes.

guinea pigs.jpg

guinea pigs

with an abundance of colors to choose from, guinea pigs are an excellent choice for beginner pet owners.

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New Fish Weekly!

Feel free to give any of our locations a call because we have new fish coming in weekly. For any special requests, notify any of our staff members.

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